Questions and Answers About This Program:

Brian Ball (baller88@) posted
"I understand the basics of what you are promoting and I am interested. However, one BIG concern that never seems to be addressed is what about INCOME? If a person has low, or inconsistent, or low and inconsistent income how does that affect the rate of success? “Thank you!”

Tom’s Answer – Personal income has nothing to do with getting a business funding through this program. The business is what qualifies based on the way it is set up and presents itself.

Mark (prospectconnect@) posted "does it have to be an LLC or can u get this money with a DBA?"

Tom’s Answer – Your business needs to be set up as a Corporation or as an LLC. That is what we do for you and we can convert any sole-proprietor into an LLC easily.

Brad White (brad.e.white@) posted "Thomas, what is the average interest most of these lending companies charge for the money they lend my business?"

Tom’s Answer – They are all the most competitive rates available and much better than consumers get. Plus they are tax deductible which lower the overall rate even more when used for business. There are hundreds to choose from so you are sure to get a fit for your long term goals when you just need some money to make a profit.

kishor (kosheth6@) posted "how about you have establized buisness and want more cash."

Tom’s Answer – Yes, this program works to get money for brand new businesses or for ones that have been around for a while, even if they have not done much yet.

jamille (jamillearmodi@) posted "will this work for Canadians who own a C-Corp based out of Nevada?"

Tom’s Answer – Yes, it works for anyone who lives anywhere outside the USA.

Gregory Golden (goldenspirit@) posted "Tom: You are more famous than you great grandfather when it comes to teaching."

Tom’s Answer – Thx Greg!

Jeff Stutler (jeffsttlr@) posted "Tom, Thank you for the $50 -I received it this past week and it is truly appreciated."

Tom’s Answer – You are always welcome Jeff. I love your friendship.

Brad White (brad.e.white@) posted "If you create an LLC in NV, will your business be shielded from your personal debt or can an entity come after your business if you are delinquent on a personal debt?"

Tom’s Answer – You will be protected.

Doria (doriamusaga@) posted “What guarantee is there that I will get the money?”

Tom’s Answer – The triple crown program comes with a full money back guarantee.

Manuel Ramirez (dbamanny@) posted “Hi Tom, Are there any loan programs that give us the chance to start making the monthly repayments like 3 or 6 months after we are funded?”

Tom’s Answer – You don’t ever have to use any of your own money to make repayments. I show you how to use money from the original line of credit to make all payments as needed. That is called seasoning.

Mark (bris002@) posted “Which program you have is the easiest to qualify and actually get access to cash funding?”

Tom’s Answer – The triple crown funding program.

Michael J. Camerino (michaeljcamerino@) posted “How long does it take to set up the NV Corp. and actually receive the $25k”

Tom’s Answer – The state sends back the completed paper work so it could take them a couple weeks.

Rob (Domro@) posted “25k cash or coupons? is this Avaliable for Canada is it in hard-copy format everything your offering”

Tom’s Answer – Rob, it is all cash. This program is available in Canada. And yes, we physically mail you a hard copy of everything.

Louise Amrhein (lulu34nh@) posted “start up business, is a problem, too much of a gamble for some”

Tom’s Answer – If you start a business and fund it this way you have very little risk and a lot of reward.

Vera (vftankverafrank2@) posted “Will I be able to sell these businesses in a short period. Of time”

Tom’s Answer – Yes. We show you how to exit quickly if you just want an immediate profit.

Noel (navarrobrothers@) posted “do you help others create their business from the ground up?”

Tom’s Answer – Yes, we help start-ups, that is what we have been doing for over 10 years in the industry!

John Reeves (jcly@) posted “If I am already a corporation is it still better to attain a NV LLC?”

Tom’s Answer – It is always better to use a NV corp to go with your home state business name if you have one already. There are tax advantages as well as privacy you can’t get any other way.

Tom and his staff

Thomas Kish and his staff of funding network experts.